rob reiner

Under the banner of “anything is possible,” one-time real life and fictional pacifist “Meathead” of the 70s sitcom All in the Family, Rob Reiner, has come around to the patriotic, warmongering views of his contrarian, television father-in-law, Archie Bunker, by spearheading The Committee to Investigate Russia.


Talk about perverse

In twenty-plus years of writing commentary on the perverse in American society, stories involving the egomaniacal lives and actions of celebrities led me to the satirical idea of instituting term limits on them, in order to combat their ridiculous reign over American life. This story about Rob Reiner is as perverse as it gets. Here we have a one-time baby boomer poster child for anti-establishment and anti-war views during the 1970s, which he also portrayed fictionally and famously in All in the Family, a sitcom designed to highlight the perverse in the American cultural divide. With Reiner’s Committee to Investigate Russia, he’s not only partnering with prominent, right-wing, militaristic neoconservatives (David Frum and Max Boot), he’s clearly doing divisive, public relations dirty work for Hillary Clinton. Is it just coincidence that Reiner’s effort launches simultaneously with Clinton’s divisive book tour? Perverse, indeed!

Follow the money

When asked in the Bloomberg interview (above) where the funding for The Committee to Investigate Russia was coming from, Reiner dodged the question attempting to twist it into a joke (poorly) by asking viewers to send money. Meathead would never have let that slide. Interesting how times, and people, change. Rest assured, though, this effort is anything but clean and sanitary.

Democratic celebritydom

Of the maddening assertions that Reiner has put forth in his maniacal media juggernaut were firstly, and most frighteningly, that America has been “attacked” by Russia. While Reiner doesn’t go there, using the word attack certainly requires a response: a military response. In The Committee to Investigate Russia’s first propaganda release, Morgan Freeman walked us as close to that line as possible.


Of secondarily maddening note is Reiner’s claim that Russia is undermining American democracy. I’m not sure what America he’s living in, but there’s nothing democratic about America. Rather, as even pointed out by former President Jimmy Carter, America is an oligarchy. And our oligarchy is managed by the establishment wings of the Republican and Democratic parties. Non-wealthy and non-celebrity Americans know this. Our overly burdened lives know this. This is why Hillary lost. We didn’t need Putin to explain it. We’re suffering it every day. Yet, wealthy, celebrity baby boomers, like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, have frustratingly lined up behind Clinton and Obama, using their celebrity muscle to herd us into the corporatist, Democrat camp. But in 2016, voters said no thanks. And going forward, millennials won’t be paying attention. They’re moving more socialist and anti-capitalist.

The real enemy

If Rob Reiner wants to do Americans a real favor, he can use his celebrity and filmmaking prowess to talk about America’s real enemy: the capitalists who are destroying America from the inside out. Putin doesn’t need to attack us. We’re doing it to ourselves. And when celebrities do the public relations dirty work for the oligarchs behind the curtain, we can surely say that celebrities are the problem. With that, Rob Reiner, you’ve been term limited. Go get a real life.

Celebrities are the problem. #TermLimits4Celebs is the solution.