Ed. Note: In the immediate aftermath of the bombshell that the Mueller Report was not charging anyone associated with the Trump campaign in colluding with Russia during the 2016 campaign, it feels fitting to republish this column from February, 2017, concerning the very Rachel Maddow who’s been promising such collusion since 2016.

A major area of celebrity infestation is on full display, ad nauseum, throughout the corporate media’s bevy of fake news television outlets. It’s been so long that news personalities like Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper have been graced with celebrity that we think it’s completely normal. IT IS NOT NORMAL. And while it’s useful target practice to spot-the-celeb talking head on CNN, the most toxic examples come from the broadcast bowels of MSNBC.

While MSNBC was successful in pushing their Democratic presidential candidate over the finish line in 2012, all their anti-Trump fear-mongering couldn’t push Hillary through the glass ceiling. And while the network is a veritable celebrity-as-newscaster platform, none is more pedantic and downright annoying than their wonder gal in the spotlight, Rachel Maddow. While springing from humble, progressive-ish roots, in exchange for the fruits of celebrity, she’s gone down to the establishment crossroads, if you will.

Back in 2011, Bill Moyers tried to pierce Maddow’s celebrity aura by reminding her who pays her limo driver.


Despite the warning from the leftist sage of television news, Maddow has doubled down on her acquiescence as nightly mouthpiece of corporate media establishment, and she’s clearly enjoying the celebrity perks and puffery. The majority of Americans, on the other hand, who are not affiliated with the Democratic Party or don’t self-identify as liberal, are not entertained by Maddow’s nightly, self-righteous rants, or align with her admonitions. According to an essay, “Rachel Maddow is an Asshole,” by Caitlin Johnstone,

Rachel Maddow is an asshole. She gets paid more money in a single day than most Americans make in a year to lie to us about Russia to scare us into supporting her plutocrat bosses. She spends an obscene amount of time and energy attacking tiny political parties that have no platform to fight back, and people applaud her for it. Her long, rambling conspiratorial tirades that would make even a peak 2010 Glenn Beck blush are mistaken for truth by a populace that has been so ferociously terrorized and beaten down by corporate media psy-ops that they can’t tell which way’s up anymore, and she’s loving every minute of it. She’s currently enjoying her best ratings since 2008.

In the aftermath of Hillary’s loss, Maddow showed deference to her bosses, and advanced a spurious attack against third-parties.

The harm in elevating and glorifying Maddow as the corporate-celebrity face of liberal news is made painfully clear in Caitlin Johnstone’s essay. She is an asshole for her perpetuation of establishment liberal/Democratic Party positions and myths. It’s a dangerous game she plays: her latest trick passing around a photo of Green Party’s Jill Stein in the same human space as Vladmir Putin as cause for Trump’s victory. When I find myself correcting my liberal friends on social media, the damage has already been done. Can you say Ralph Nader?

But the problem is two-fold. If she didn’t have an audience, she wouldn’t have an influence. So do your part, and just say no to Maddow. Celebrity culture has indeed infected the press whereby it’s so blended with entertainment it’s hard for most viewers to parse the facts from the propaganda. The corporate media overlords know this. So resist Maddow, MSNBC, and the entire fake news culture.

Let’s take a cue from the King.

Celebrities are the problem. #TermLimits4Celebs is the solution.