congressional baseball

No thanks the violent outburst of James Hodgkinson last week, a long-standing American yawn has turned into the latest celebrity event. As reported by USA Today,

Republicans and Democrats took the field for their annual charity baseball game Thursday, setting aside politics for a few hours of spirited competition a day after a shooting rampage left a wounded colleague fighting for survival.

The Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, played before a record crowd, took on a more serious tone this year, as organizers and attendees said it was a chance to show the nation that more unites Americans of both parties than divides them, and that the event could not be shut down by a gunman.

According to Real Clear Politics, today, June 17, 2017, congressional job approval is polling at about 18% approval and 70% disapproval. And rather than actually do anything to gain favor with voters – like doing their jobs, perhaps – they cynically used their annual time-waster to feign a little across-the-aisle love.

With Team Elephant holding fast on their promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, and the Dugout Donkeys drunk on Russiagate with the hopes of dethroning Trump, or winning back congress in the midterms, no one is doing the work of the people. According to the Washington Post,

Despite the rise of the tea party and unified Republican control of government, one decidedly anti-free-market idea appears ascendant: single-payer health care.

Despite some Democrats voicing support for single payer, the notion of party leadership actually getting behind a Medicare for All expansion as a replacement for Obamacare is magical thinking at its finest. They’d rather let the Republicans replace neoliberal Obamacare with something even more outrageous, and hope for voter rejection of such folly in the midterms. In their corrupted minds, winning politically is equivalent to Americans winning. Sorry, Donkeys Schumer and Pelosi, but this is why you’re despised.

The #TermLimits4Celebs theme is a riff off the old call for term limits for congress, in reaction to political careerdom and celebrity of representatives and senators. If we can’t achieve that, let’s at least retire the morose waste of time: the newly-celebrity annual congressional baseball nonsense. While the charity-raising is nice, much better for all that you do the work of the people, rather than the profit-seekers.

Celebrity is the problem. #TermLimits4Celebs is the solution.