harvey weinstein

With the very unsurprising public revelation that entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein is a patriarchal pig, the cinematic curtain that protected Hollywood and the Democratic party since the tawdry Clinton years has gone up in flames. And those caught with their pants and pantsuit down regarding relationships with the pig-in-the-spotlight are peddling bullshit double-speed to spin the narrative as far away as a Best Actress Oscar for one of Weinstein’s victims.

Madame finger-pointer

Since her humiliating loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is doubling-down on her very practiced art of finger pointing, blaming everyone but herself for asserting her entitled baby boomer self into a role for which too few Americans felt enough enthusiasm. And I can understand that acknowledging some culpability for the election of a retrograde, subhuman jackass as president is more than anyone can bare. I’ll grant her that. Still, Americans didn’t need a reminder from Putin as to why Hillary was just the wrong candidate for the times. And let’s face it, she didn’t have any real passion for it, aside from the glam, Hollywood (and Wall Street) fundraising orgies.

Beyond all this, there’s the question of the GOP’s playing with voter registration roles and “flipping” election results since 2000, all well-documented, but never challenged by Democratic presidential candidate’s Gore, Kerry or Hillary Clinton, as explained in Truthdig by Harvey Wasserman. And Clinton, despite given a golden goose via Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount petition, refused to join the effort, and blamed Stein instead.

But it’s in her Clintonian polish for mirroring blame away, regarding her family’s long and extensive ties to the bad boy of Hollywood that Hillary jumps the shark of credulity. Unless, of course, you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Clinton sycophant. When she (in the clip above) states about Trump, “after all, we have someone who admitted to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office,” while her husband was impeached for lying under oath – while serving as president – about his dalliances with a now infamous intern… these are things that make you go hmmm. But as usual for Madame Finger-pointer, she has no trouble throwing her husband’s female accusers under-the-bus, along with her former, very powerful financial backer, and friend, Weinstein. All the while you’re going hmmm over whether any of Handsome Harvey’s tawdry behavior was news to Clinton, as she has a very disturbed barometer concerning ethical propriety of powerful men and vulnerable women. When it comes to sexual exploitation of women, Hillary’s judgement is colored by her politics: one set of rules for Republicans, and another for Democrats. But one thing the Weinstein affair is making plain, Hillary’s discernment is shared with the Hollywood elite, and liberal establishment. A double-standard of Oscar proportions.

Clinton two-step

One of the reasons I parted with the Democratic party back in ’92, was precisely because of the Clinton’s magical ability take a stand on an issue, while doing exactly the opposite. Courting the black vote, for example, then signing into law the 1994 Crime Bill, effects of which were devastating to the black community. In a February 2016 essay, titled, “Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote,” Michelle Alexander writes in The Nation,

Prison admissions for drug offenses reached a level in 2000 for African Americans more than 26 times the level in 1983. All of the presidents since 1980 have contributed to mass incarceration, but as Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson recently observed, “President Clinton’s tenure was the worst.”

We should have seen it coming. Back then, Clinton was the standard-bearer for the New Democrats, a group that firmly believed the only way to win back the millions of white voters in the South who had defected to the Republican Party was to adopt the right-wing narrative that black communities ought to be disciplined with harsh punishment rather than coddled with welfare.

An easy case for Clinton duplicity can also and easily be made around his claptrap about the middle-class, while he opened the gates of financialization hell. But all that’s been litigated, as Hillary says about her husband’s accusers. And it’s in the area of duplicity about care and concern for women that really tilt Clinton World on its head. First, in Bubba’s own sordid history, then in their attraction not only for Harvey Weinstein’s cash, but also for someone with the same ethical short-circuit as the Clintons. And close they were, according to the Washington Post,

Yet within liberal politics, Weinstein was seemingly everywhere: White House state dinners, fundraisers alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, the premiere of “Shakespeare in Love” with Hillary Clinton on his arm.

He called her “the first lady of all our hearts,” the New York Times reported at the time.

She called Weinstein “my friend Harvey.”

His personal giving was dwarfed by that of many other showbiz moguls — only $1.8 million since 1979. But when President Bill Clinton sought help for his legal-defense fund during the Monica Lewinsky saga, Weinstein cut a $10,000 check.

Again, contrary to Hillary Clinton’s attempt to find similarity with Weinstein and Trump as sexual predators, Weinstein matches up better with Bill, in how they both champion women’s causes, while using their power to exploit women in the most demeaning ways. And when we add Anthony Weiner to that list, a pattern of personality preference now emerges for Hillary.

One thing I do believe about Hillary Clinton is that she’s an intelligent woman. I also believe, by virtue of enabling Bill, Hillary had to know about Weinstein and Weiner’s predatorial predilections and simply felt comfortable with white, male predators in positions of power. Being intelligent and in deep denial are not mutually exclusive.


I’ve long been making the case that the of the type of entitlement that greases-the-skids for everyone from demanding children to predatorial power brokers like Clinton, Weinstein, Weiner and Trump was manufactured and distributed by American baby boomers, my people. By virtue of birth timing, baby boomers took full advantage of post-WWII economic prosperity, came of age to 60’s social movements based in community and collaboration, which they ultimately traded-in for personal power and wealth, something worshipped by Republicans and Democrats alike. It’s the hypocrisy of baby boomer liberals, however, where ethical duplicity of many in their leadership simply adds insult to their injurious pro-business and pro-war policies. Republicans are simply more honest about their intentions, decrepit as they may be.

Hollywood: the myth maker

With Hollywood’s long and long-told history propagandizing racist and militaristic views, behind the curtain its misogynistic management culture was the perfect hiding place for an entitled, duplicitous dirtbag like Harvey Weinstein. With his fall, we’re sure to see Hollywood very publicly drain its own swamp of miscreants, throwing deserving directors, producers and studio bosses under-the-bus in order to save the beast itself. But maybe Hollywood itself is the problem, and we’ve been falling for the myth for way too long.

Hollywood is the problem. Term Limits is the solution. #TermLimits4Celebs