#TermLimits4Celebs: Chelsea Clinton is Celebrated for Being Chelsea Clinton

If celebrity is the phenomenon of being famous beyond your accomplishments, perpetual first daughter, Chelsea Clinton has a turn with the celebrity crown with the news of her being awarded, basically for being Chelsea Clinton. According to a report from The Hill,

Chelsea Clinton will be honored with an achievement award from Variety next month, the magazine announced Tuesday.

The 37-year-old former first daughter, a vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, is rumored to be eyeing a political run in New York, the Daily News reported last month…

According to Variety, Clinton is being honored “for her work with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which empowers kids to develop lifelong healthy habits.”

While hoity toity liberals are running around pants-on-fire about the nepotism surrounding the current first daughter, they’re giddy over plans to keep their pet political dynasty alive by polishing the political bona fides of Ivanka-buddy, Chelsea born-on-third-base Clinton. Double standards are so passe to Democrats.

Even reliably sympathetic, establishment media outlets can’t bear to look at the next chapter in the Clinton never-go-away reality nightmare. From an essay in the Washington Post,

If Clinton decides that she wants to run for office or assume some sort of role in American public life — and she has not yet declared that she does, though a more tart Twitter feed and some new projects suggest that she’s attempting to rebrand herself — the best possible thing for her to do in the near-term is to disappear.

And this from The Atlantic,

Thus far, Chelsea’s greatest accomplishment is surviving her eternally needy parents’ raging ambition while making solid use of the near-countless advantages their wealth and power have conferred upon her. To be fair, this puts her way ahead of many celebrity offspring.

But Chelsea, if anything, is a quick study, as she’s learned from the current president that being presidential, above all else, involves compelling tweeting.

While her “likeable enough” mom was turned away from the presidency twice, it was not for lack of passion for policy or politics. Like her or not, Hillary Clinton was a political animal who was rejected by the electorate for, among other things, simply wanting the presidency too much. Chelsea, on the other hand, seems to be backing into a potential political career, and will be pushed ahead of any challenger, simply because she’s Chelsea. While we’re suffering through a president picked for his celebrity, you’d think liberals would be loathe to double down on that mistake. Apparently, celebrity is the only requirement for leadership in America today.


Celebrities are the problem. #TermLimits4Celebs is the solution.

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