#TermLimits4Celbs: Archie Bunker Presidency Shows Need for Celeb Term Limits

With our Queens-bred, celebrity-in-chief channeling the worst qualities of his fictional borough-kin, it’s clear that Archie Bunker-esque fear, paranoia and xenophobia are cornerstone to his presidential policy making. According to a story from the Washington Post,

Chris Newman, an immigrant rights advocate with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said Trump has purposely blurred the lines of various potential threats to the country, including undocumented immigrants living here, refugees from abroad and even the unfounded claims that up to 5 million immigrants voted illegally in the presidential election.

“He lumps them altogether to stoke fear,” Newman said. “Our view is that President Trump is engaged in a salesman, carnival trick — he’s selling fear first and then selling the fact that he can respond to the fear — only he can fix it.”

While Carroll O’Connor’s personal politics were antithetical to his Archie Bunker, and his characterization a means to display ugly expressions of racism and xenophobia as comic relief and satire, they’re characteristics our chief celeb wears proudly.

Some Bunker moments, in fact, seem as if they were channeled directly into the Trump campaign and ongoing messaging playbook.


But hey, if the head square in the White House were a tad more hip, he could’ve modeled these Queens boys the rest of us were rolling with.


But no, we’re stuck for the time being with a wretched celebrity-turned-president whose managed to unearth a fictional hate monger as his official moniker: the Archie Bunker Presidency.

Sadly, had celebrity worship not risen to chronic addiction level in America, the real estate blowhard might never have wondered into the reality TV show world for attention, hence taken seriously as a candidate by media and citizen lemmings.

This is why, more than for congress, we need #TermLimits4Celebs.

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