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An Interview With Myself

By Craig Gordon

What’s with the title? I say New Age, you say Now Age?

I’d say it’s more like, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Growing up exposed to a good dose of new age philosophies and practices, I was amused by the perverse dynamic among its followers. What was offered as a means towards liberation from the dogmatic constraints of traditional Western religions, was often reduced to set of instructions and assumptions, dogmatically misinterpreted from Eastern spiritual origins. While Yoga, for instance, offers a wide array of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits, the competitive way it’s approached by American adherents, and the egocentric guru types that often lead the various movements, produces the ultimate contradiction: a quantified approach to qualified principles. And let’s not forget the lucrative market for designer yoga pants. You see the same dynamic pretty much across the new age landscape.

So, in the early 90s, I was publishing a small magazine, The Real News, that bridged natural living and popular culture, way before those concepts were blended as grist for the capitalist mill. It was while producing that publication that the dynamic became clear to me. Hence, I was looking for a title to a piece I was working on that described my quantfied-qualified epiphany, and what emerged was the “now age.” It seemed to sum up what I was getting at. Still does.

Unconventionally unconventional. What’s up with that?

Our modern style of hyper-capitalism makes a commodity out of everything. The incredible art the music scene of the 60s and 70s was absorbed in the 80s by corporate types simply looking for product. The business of making art became the business of making product, which turned popular music into an homogenized glob of noise. The same can be said for the counter-culture movements of that era. You have to make a conscious effort not to get exploited by the system you’re wanting to hold to account, or have an effect on. That’s the inherent problem with corporate media outlets, like MSNBC. You can’t be progressive and corporate at the same time.

What’s the aim of the website?

Simply, to be a platform for commentaries that point out the perverse in American society, by connecting dots not obviously or generally connected. Other voices will join the mix soon. I have some interesting friends.

What about your staff? Do you have a team?

Only if you include my various personalities. But you never know how things grow.