#TermLimits4Celebs: Oprah 4 Prez Reinforces Celeb Term Limits Movement

oprahWill she or won’t she? Quasi-teasing during an interview with Bloomberg Television, celebrity spotlight-hog Oprah (no Winfrey needed) reinforced the need for celeb term limits with her suggestion that she’s open to running for president in 2020. According to a story from BBC,

Oprah Winfrey is not ruling out a presidential run in the wake of Donald Trump’s capture of the White House…

“I never considered the question even a possibility,” she told financier David Rubenstein on his Bloomberg Television program when asked whether she might consider a run.

“I just thought, ‘Oh… oh?'”

Referring to Mr Trump, Mr Rubenstein pointed out that “it’s clear you don’t need government experience to be elected president of the United States”.

“That’s what I thought,” she continued. “I thought, ‘Oh, gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough.’ And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh.’


Few people are able to travel through life on one name alone. Bono and Beyonce obnoxiously come to mind, as do the late Prince, Michael and Elvis. When it comes to one-name-wonders, however, no brand eclipses that of Oprah. Such a phenomenon is Oprah there will be little shock or surprise when a newly discovered planet is eventually named for her. Despite her fame and celebrity, though, there’s never enough attention for Oprah, even though much of it is less than glowing. Whether the narcissist seeks celebrity or fame makes the narcissist may be a chicken-or-the-egg dilemma, what’s clear is the celebrity-narcissist is only looking to be noticed, says Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of “Malignant Self Love”,

There is a set of narcissistic behaviors typical to the pursuit of celebrity. There is almost nothing that the narcissist refrains from doing, almost no borders that he hesitates to cross to achieve renown. To him, there is no such thing as “bad publicity” – what matters is to be in the public eye.

Case in point, shortly after Oprah’s presidential bombshell, we were assured that the diva is never running for president.

All Oprah, all the time. How long have we been subjected to this celebrity road-kill gazing? As one whose lived without television for the bulk of Oprah’s reign, and certainly never once seeked her out when I did, even I can’t get rid of her.  You might just chalk it up to “who cares,” as if there’s no harm done in societal Oprahdom. But I disagree.

In a time when propaganda parades as actual news, to the degree that the major American news organizations, from print to television, are promoting a revived cold war with Russia, an important consideration is where we put our attention. Sure, if your discernment filter is working you can watch Wolf Blitzer or Rachel Maddow move their lips and know they’re lying to you. If not, it’s time to take notice.

So while I’m not suggesting that we eliminate actors, musicians and the like, I’m calling for term limits before any of this celebrity nonsense can take hold. As a means of re-humanizing, social re-education, I offer the following celebrity preventative prescription: three years in the limelight, then mow our lawns. Feel free to add your own solution in the comments area below.

Celebrities are the problem. #TermLimits4Celebs is the solution.


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